Mistress Jen Buzz

With the same artists always getting publicity, it’s amazing how many other great musicians are actually in Vancouver. Not too long ago Jen Wold was designing a web page for friends, and dubbed herself "Webmistress Jen,” her name was thus abridged, and a delightful alter ego was born. Taking inspiration from the Doors and Marianne Faithfull, she sings about some touchy subjects, but manages to be very funny for a dominatrix. Bringing a brand of gutter lounge that jumbles S&M with derisive social commentary and even a country song thrown in for zest, Mistress Jen is an extraordinarily strange, albeit fun, girl. You would be hard pressed to find a nicer girl to beat you into submission with her music. Anyone who has ever owned a cat will be able to relate to "Fred the Cat” and feel better about their own furry friend’s foibles. Mistress Jen may brandish a whip, but she’s as sweet as honey. (Independent)