Mistreaters Playa Hated To The Fullest

I can see why these guys get so playa hated: they're the shiznit! Recorded at Jim Diamond's Ghetto Recorders, the Mistreaters play a very modern punk rock with blues and garage influences. Fast and tough with killer lead vocals captured well on tape, songs like "Stranded" and "Perennial Space Invader" totally kick patootie. All the stuff has lots of groove and the Mistreaters never sacrifice their catchy-cool for mindless thrash, kinda like the Oblivians at their most punk rock or a bunch of white, Milwaukee-born Danko Jones's. Add to the mix the sax-driven cover of vintage garage hit "She's My Witch" complete with creepy female back-up vocals for a bit of variety and you've got a sweet little cherry bomb of an album here. (Estrus)