Mission Of Burma The Obliterati

Mission of Burma’s latest album presents an imaginatively volatile collection of songs, proving that the brilliant energy of the band’s first reunion disc, OnoffOn, wasn’t merely the result of luck. The group’s second release since reforming a few years ago shows them equalling their early ’80s artistic strengths. With the precision of adept welders, Roger Miller, Clint Conley, Peter Prescott and Bob Weston fuse experimental sonic elements with accessible tunefulness. Throughout its songs, The Obliterati features a multiplicity of traits, blending blasts of noise and shifting time signatures with gripping melodies. From the menacing stomp of "Spider’s Web” to the rich harmonies of "Donna Sumeria” and the melancholic lushness of "Is This Where?” the disc shows a remarkable range. Despite more than 20 years apart, Mission of Burma have steadily managed to rekindle the group’s creative spark during their second life, making The Obliterati an incendiary album. (Matador)