Miss Kittin Batbox

Miss KittinBatbox
"Frenchies do it better” is certainly quite a presumptuous statement but perhaps there is some truth behind the provoking lyrics of Ms. Caroline Hervé (aka Miss Kittin). After achieving iconic status via 2001’s collaboration with the Hacker, which featured tracks "Frank Sinatra” and "1982,” establishing her now signature voice within the electronic community, she went on to release solo debut I Com several years later, though the more experimental project didn’t receive such significant attention. Back now after a four-year absence with a more polished sound to appeal to her fans within both the electro clash crowd and the techno scene, this sounds like the album that everyone has been waiting for. The production work is exceptional, with a greater depth of sounds and textures put into the beats and synths, the influences seemingly drawn from the best electro, tech and progressive of the last few years. "Metalhead” is a standout track, exemplifying these qualities with deep, atmospheric textures and dissonant snarling melodies over a rippling electro bass line. The title track has a straightforward ballad construction under the guise of an electro track, while first single "Kittin Is High” characterises some of the features that make the album more commercially appealing. But predominantly it’s excellent work and the gothic undertones of the project hold it together for a sense of completeness. (Nobody's Bizzness)