Miss Alex White and the Red Orchestra Miss Alex White and the Red Orchestra

This debut is the brainchild of 20-year old Chicago native Alex White, who’s been working on getting this album out for quite a while, but was busy dodging shady major label reps before she found sanctuary in the indie world. She’s been playing shows since her early teens and has let a guttural edge take over her voice. Backing her up on this album is Edward Altesleben (drums/piano) and Wesley Kerstens (guitar), who create a backdrop of ’60s style ass-shaking garage rock. White’s voice shimmies over top this full-on sound and the three of them are so perfectly rhythmic it’s impossible to stop listening. Influenced by the Who, Modern Lovers, the Velvet Underground, and Ramones, to name a few, White batters her worlds out through her lips as if she’s spitting bullets. This is sonic rock’n’roll played just how it’s supposed to be — with sheer abandonment. "Don’t Turn Me Up” is a rollicking sensation of a song, while "In a Hole” carries out a ’60s retro flamboyance. (In The Red)