Misha Bower "I'm All About"

Misha Bower 'I'm All About'
Bruce Peninsula member Misha Bower recently released Music for Uninvited Guests, her first short story book, via publisher Cringles. If you order a copy from Bower's website, you'll receive a complimentary eight-song mixtape. This collection of songs features the author's new tune "I'm All About."

The vocals and lyrics come courtesy of Bower, while the arrangement was handled by her Bruce Peninsula bandmate Matthew Cully. It's a fragile, soul-tinged folk number with plaintively quivering vocals that build to a harmony-assisted walz-time crescendo. Take a listen below.

The mixtape contains eight songs, including Bower-featuring tunes by Bruce Peninsula, the Weather Station and Timber Timbre. Get your copy of Music for Uninvited Guests and read synopses for each short story at Bower's website.