Mish Way Teams Up with Peace's Daniel Geddes for New Project, Talks New White Lung Album

Mish Way Teams Up with Peace's Daniel Geddes for New Project, Talks New White Lung Album
Neither Mish Way nor Daniel Geddes are known for the prettiness of their singing voices, since Way is the lead snarler of punk four-piece White Lung and Geddes employs a declarative sing-speak as vocalist of post-punk combo Peace. Nevertheless, the two Vancouverites recently embraced a quietly pretty folk sound during a recent collaborative project.

The collaboration began back in the summer. "One day Dan just asked me if I wanted to play music together," Way tells Exclaim! "He had recently quit drinking and was changing his life, so I would go over and we would play. The first time we played together it was really natural and easy. We wrote three songs the first afternoon."

The pair penned romantic acoustic ballads and recorded them using Way's phone. "Then, I would go home and throw them in GarageBand and put on some gospel choir effect and call it done," she recalls. "We just wrote duets. Dan had some guitar parts and lyrics, then I would take the lyrics and edit and rework them so it was both of us and we both liked them. We wrote melodies together and we revamped ones he already had."

They never picked a band name, and while they initially intended to record an album together, those plans have been shelved for the time being due to other band commitments.

The pair recorded a few a couple of tracks for lifestyle website This Fair Land. Those can be streamed below, along with a short interview.

While the collaboration remains on hold for the time being, both Way and Geddes have new albums in the works. White Lung have recorded half of their new album, and they plan to finish it in Vancouver later this month, when Mish visits from her current home in Los Angeles. It's due out in the spring and will be followed by "lots of touring."

Geddes, meanwhile, is working on a solo album. Stay tuned for updates regarding all of the various projects.