Mira Calix Skimskitta

The following describes 80 percent of the tracks on this album: piano loops, eerie synths, two-note bass lines, subtle and minimal looped percussion. As individual tracks go, "Sixnot6” is one of the best pieces of musique concrète that I have heard in a long time. It is a great mix of percussion instruments that gets all clicky and scratchy by its end. "Savanna” almost sounds like a tribute to the Future Sound of London, with its hollow-sounding synths and reverberating tones. "Shadenfreude” is one of the few tracks that contains a true melody, but you’re not going to go away humming it. "You Open Always” has heart-tugging strings and punchy break beats. "Flicker” does what it says, as a variety of instruments and sounds tinkle and shimmer gently. You can consider this album minimal, or incomplete. I find many of the tracks a little too similar when listened to as a complete album. But to pick and hit them randomly, there are certainly some interesting bits. (Warp)