Mint Royale See You in the Morning

There is something cinematic to the jingly electro pop of Mint Royale, and it is no surprise that they are the ones behind the "Singing in the Rain” Volkswagen Golf ad; a track that made its way to See You in the Morning along with a refreshingly sweet collection of pop, rock and electronica. The album does coast into the occasional monotonous dance track, but most tracks are playfully engaging and extremely radio friendly, replete with catchy melodies, soaring strings and steady beats. Now UK chart toppers, not to mention über-successful jingle creators (they are now the music behind Hugo Boss), Mint Royale at this point can be summed up as polished and poppy, and the record’s beats and melodies come across as perfectly programmed hits that even your mother would love. Nonetheless edgeless, but easy has its virtues, and the ultra accessibility of See You in the Morning makes for a fine bit of orchestral/electronic pop with a low calorie feel good flavour that leaves behind a breezy aftertaste once all the audio sugar is over. (Universal)