Mint Records Releases Cassette Comp with Monomyth, Jay Arner, Tough Age, Renny Wilson

Mint Records Releases Cassette Comp with Monomyth, Jay Arner, Tough Age, Renny Wilson
When Mint Records announced the latest edition of its annual Ridiculously Early Xmas Party, the Vancouver indie label promised that there would be special door prizes for the first 50 people at the show. Now, the imprint has announced exactly what this special freebie will be: a cassette comp called Hot Heros.

This 15-track compilation was put together by label manager Shena Yoshida and mastered by the company's own Jay Arner. It's also Mint's first cassette release since Pansy Division's Wish I'd Taken Pictures from 1996.

Mint explains the idea for the Hot Heros tape like this:

Inspired by the distinctive floating sandwich artwork of the Big Apple's bodegas, the desire to create an updated version of the old timey sampler and our grumbling stomachs (it was almost lunchtime), we asked our current Minties — who call Vancouver, Halifax, and anywhere in between home — to share their favourite songs with us. After that, they nominated their friends to contribute tracks.

The resulting mix features Mint acts like Monomyth, Jay Arner, Tough Age, Renny Wilson, Kellarissa, Pick a Piper and Energy Slime, plus contributions from friends like Supermoon, Watermelon, Cult Babies and more. Excitingly, many of the songs are previously unreleased, meaning that even dedicated Mint followers will find plenty of new tunes here.

That's the meaty album cover above. For those who won't be able to pick a tape up at the show — or who want to hear the music ahead of time — the entire album can be streamed below. The bands will also be given tapes to sell at a later date. In total, 300 tapes have been made.

Mint's Ridiculously Early Xmas Party takes place on November 29 at the Electric Owl in Vancouver.

Hot Heros:

A1. Renny Wilson - Youngsters
A2. Other Jesus - Couch
A3. Old and Weird - Peachy Beach
A4. Tough Age - My Chinchilla
A5. Heaven For Real - Hard Done By
A6. Monomyth - Faces Magazine
A7. Creaks - Daydream
A8. Pick a Piper - Fluency
B1. Jay Arner - Spaced Out
B2. Cult Babies - On a Roll
B3. Energy Slime - After Tonight (It Will Never Be Night) B4. Watermelon - Silver Surfer
B5. Supermoon - Burnout of My Dreams
B6.  Weird Candle - Year of the Dog
B7. Kellarissa - Ships in the Night