The Crash and the Draw

MinskThe Crash and the Draw
It's a shame to even call this one post-metal, as we all (I hope) dislike that term and the boredom it inherently brings into the conversation. Minsk were doing this kind of thing long ago; the band dropped their debut back in '05 and reappear every now and again since then to show 'em all what atmosphere means. Here, it's almost to a fault — if you don't catch yourself twitching and mumbling "Just get to the fucking point" a few times during this lengthy album you are a very, very patient person — but when the band use atmosphere to get to an end goal, such as on the excellent "Onward Procession I. These Longest of Days," they have a power that few can match.
This 76-minute album has lots of ups and downs, and while the ride is worth checking out in its entirety, I also can't blame you if you want to put on a crusher like "The Way Is Through" and just feel the power. It's not like Minsk are getting better or worse; they're just being Minsk meaning pretty untouchable, and definitely on a plane of their own. (Relapse)
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