Minotaurs 'New Believers' (album stream)

Minotaurs'New Believers' (album stream)
Any fan of Canadian music is bound to recognize some familiar names in the credits of Minotaurs' latest album, New Believers, which drops on January 22 via Static Clang. Before the disc arrives on shelves, you can stream the album in full at Exclaim.ca.

The collection was recorded live off the floor at House of Miracles in Preston, ON. Production was handled by Paul Aucoin (John K. Samson, Laura Barrett), while Howie Beck (Feist, Jason Collett) did the mixing. In addition to Minotaurs' 12-piece lineup, it features contributions from Sarah Harmer and Ohbijou's Casey Mecija.

The album has darker leanings and political undertones that were inspired by Quebec student protests and Toronto's G20 riots. Band leader Nathan Lawr explained in a statement, "I wouldn't say that our thing is 'protest' music as such, but it does stem from a desire to be engaged in and to affect what is happening politically in this country and the world. People always tell me, 'Wow, you're so political,' and I always respond with, 'Wow, you're not?!' The truth is that we are political beings whether we like it or not. Every human being since the beginning of time has been born into some sort of political entity complete with rights and obligations and that doesn't change when you decide to be uninvolved; it just means you've accepted that decisions will be made without your input. And I'm not comfortable with that."

Listen to New Believers below, and check out the band's upcoming tour schedule here.