Minotaurs New Believers

MinotaursNew Believers
On New Believers, Minotaurs employ pastoral imagery and metaphysical musings to show swelling discontent with how the world works. It's an evolution of societal ideals as natural phenomenon, that resisting tyrannical (if democratic) government is as natural as a breeze feeding a fire. It's perfect for the politically minded lover of indie poetics who needs to get down to fat beats as often as they get down on fat cats. This record answers the plea: "Fleet Foxes are nice, but would it kill them to switch dreamy harmonies for a hot horn section?" With a creed that "everyone in the band is a part of the rhythm section," Minotaurs play as progressive and passionately as their politics, marrying bucolic folk rock and Afro-beat funk. But this isn't a parade, it's a march and these days it's great that polemical poetry and triumphant funk are gathering anywhere. New Believers manages to touch what agitprop musicians from Fela Kuti to Max Romeo and Public Enemy have grasped: that declarations of rights, anthems of discontent and the verses of resistance gather strength through giant horns. In this case, the horns belong to Minotaurs. (Static Clang)