Mindbender A Vibe Called Fresh

For his second slice of vinyl, Mindbender has collected four tracks from his Fantasyland Before Time LP. "A Vibe Called Fresh” is an obvious choice for vinyl release, but the rest are less likely to get radio-play than a number of other tracks from his album. "Fun With Mindbender” and "Babylon Will Fall” would have been more fun. It’s also surprising Mindbender didn’t take this rare opportunity to release a few tracks from his upcoming Beautiful Mutant project, rumoured to be more accessible than anything from Fantasyland. Instead, it’s KRS-One meets El-P over hip-hop beats that embrace drum & bass. "Class of Immortals” touches on politics and conspiracy, an old Supreme Being Unit mainstay, and "Love for Sale” looks at the ages-old question of art versus commerce. "The new super-MC” gets down to some classic hip-hop lyrical bragging on "A Vibe Called Fresh” and the insane mix of "Reborn Deformed.” Plus you get the instrumentals to "A Vibe Called Fresh” and "Love for Sale.” Now where’s Beautiful Mutant? (Sonic Imprint)