Millions Failure Tactics

MillionsFailure Tactics
Millions are a noise rock outfit from Chicago, IL. Their second full-length, the railing and fretful Failure Tactics, was produced by Andrew Ragin (the Atlas Moth) and mastered by Kyle Spence (Harvey Milk). This record hinges on, and is defined by, its guitar sound. The aesthetic is primarily carved out by of lead guitarists Corey Lyons and Scott Flaster, who deliberately take an adversarial approach, pitting their skills against each other, allowing the songs to take shape in the tension that results. The drumming is clamorous and always uneasy, like a fretful thing battering itself against the bars of a cage. The vocals are similarly unsettled, as though caught between a point of tension, pulled in too many directions at once and pained because of it. Defiant and jangling, Millions do a fine job playing both the jailer and the imprisoned on Failure Tactics. (Seventh Rule)