Milky Ways Milky Ways

Milky Ways play straightforward garage that never lets up. The opening track "Shattered” stumbles out from behind a curtain of fuzz but trips halfway and ends up in a tangle of muffled riffs. "Lecherous Parasite” starts off much the same way but takes a bit of a slower approach, hearkening back to a ’60s sound, except that is when you hear the words "lecherous parasite” sung out over a pop-riddled lo-fi din, where the song takes on a new feel. This sense of humour is persistent throughout the album. The fuzzy sound quality could perhaps be intentional, but it almost makes Milky Ways sound as if they’re either holding back or just can’t break beyond a certain threshold of energy. On giving the album a thorough listen it becomes evident that this isn’t the case, there are plenty of instances where members Oily Chi, Coco Khan, Choyce and Dan Pedro are obviously getting pretty fucking crazy. (Alive!)