Mike Patton Lends His Voice to The Darkness Videogame Sequel

Mike Patton Lends His Voice to <i>The Darkness</i> Videogame Sequel
A true renaissance man of out-there nerddom, Mike Patton has enjoyed a vast career that includes projects like Faith No More, Fantômas, Mr. Bungle and countless others. He also dabbles in just about everything else, including voiceover work. In 2007, he voiced the Darkness, the evil villain in the PS3/Xbox 360 game of the same name. Now, he's reprising his role in The Darkness II.

As NME reports, Patton will revisit the ancient demonic force of the villain. The game, which is based on the horror comic book series The Darkness, is due for release sometime later this year.

"It feels really good to be the bad guy, and The Darkness is as bad as it gets," Patton said in a statement. "I've read through the script and Jackie [Estacado] is going to be a brutally tortured soul. I'm looking forward to making his life a living hell."

 In addition to his role in The Darkness, Patton has also lent his voice to Bionic Commando and both Left 4 Dead games. It's just a hunch, but we bet he can probably do a mean "It's-a me, Mario."