Mike O'Neill and Devon Sproule Team Up for Collaborative 'Colours' Album

Mike O'Neill and Devon Sproule Team Up for Collaborative 'Colours' Album
Last year, globetrotting songwriter Devon Sproule unveiled a project called Low-Key Karaoke in which she remotely duetted with fans via picture-in-picture YouTube clips. Imbreds singer Mike O'Neill took part in the experiment, and this led to the two joining forces to write and record an entire album together. The collaborative Colours will be out on September 24.

This team-up blossomed remotely while O'Neill was in Halifax and Sproule was in Austin, TX. The album was produced by Sandro Perri, with instrumental backing from Toronto multi-instrumentalist Thom Gill, plus the rhythm section from Bernice.

According to a press release, "Their collaboration on Colours surpasses either artist's previous work both in ambition and accessibility. As live performers the two songwriters are self-effacing and quirky, yet there is an undercurrent of confidence that has allowed them to co-inspire and stretch themselves further."

Interestingly, despite the fact that both O'Neill and Sproule live elsewhere, "Colours is decidedly a product of Toronto."

Watch a live performance of the song "You Can Come Home" filmed by Southern Souls below, or download the hypnotically swelling studio version for free right here. Also below, check out the pair's Low-Key Karaoke duet.

The album cover is above and the tracklist is below. Sproule and O'Neill will perform together in Toronto for NXNE on Wednesday (June 12) at the Piston.

Sproule fundraised for this album with an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign that earned nearly double its $15,000 goal.


1. You Can Come Home
2. Magic in the Panic
3. You Can't Help It
4. Colours
5. The Fan
6. Walking in the Folly
7. Talk to You
8. The Fire Inside
9. Nobody Tells Me a Thing
10. The Shallow End