Mike Gordon Inside In

Phish bassist Mike Gordon may not be the most ideal filmmaker out there, with his annoying moments of tongue-in-cheek self-reflection, but as a semi-experimental instrumental solo artist (this album being his first) he justifies his existence somewhat by raising an eyebrow or two when first playing this playful album of oddities. Inside In is an extension/inspiration of sorts of the soundtrack he composed for his film Outside Out, and sprawling throughout this album are basic versions of songs that otherwise would be fleshed out to the extreme by Phish (his regular day job). These songs, which range from folk, pop, surreal instrumentals to hippie dirt-stink toe-jam numbers complete with lanky wanky country guitars has something to offer to everyone. Consider it the jam fan left-field album equivalent to stoner rock's Jalamanta, which was made by former Kyuss drummer Brant Bjork — spacey, raw, quiet (volume-wise), unassuming and universal in approach and expectation. It's like a collection of slightly extended clever television commercial spots. (Rykodisc)