Mika Miko C.Y.S.L.A.B.F.

Mika Miko are a five-piece out of L.A. that make straight-ahead punk reminiscent of early ’90s riot grrrl mixed with the lo-fi sensibilities of the sounds of ’77. Comprised of Dead Banana Ladies members Michelle Suarez (the Ride), Jenna Thornhill (Silver Daggers), Jessica Clavin (A Century’s Claim, Wake Up SF), Jennifer Clavin (Slitwrists), and Kate Hall (Wake Up SF, Color Wheel), Mika Miko’s sound is a culmination of serious experience. C.Y.S.L.A.B.F. is full of fast songs addled with power pop mania and nervous aggression. Mika Miko push and pull within established parameters and then stretch them out and reshape them into a new identity. "Take It Serious” storms into classically styled riffs with frenzied vocals full of dirt and grit layered over top. "Capricorinations” spits and punches its way through angular stylings and emphatic vocals. "The Dress,” on the other hand, sees the band take a turn into a more swirling, pensive atmosphere. It pounds out an impeccable combination of sound and affectivity. (Kill Rock Stars)