Miguel Talks His Place in New R&B and His Live Ambitions

Miguel Talks His Place in New R&B and His Live Ambitions
Given the response to Kaleidoscope Dream this fall, it's safe to say that fast-rising R&B star Miguel's latest album is both a critical and popular success. Live appearances on Letterman and Fallon have showed just why the singer has been one to watch in 2012 – and perhaps represents a new guard in the R&B scene.

Speaking to Exclaim!, the Los Angeles native is proud to be included in the R&B conversation alongside artists like Frank Ocean and the Weeknd. "I'm a fan of music. So people who are pushing boundaries of what's expected within the R&B genre, I'm paying attention," he says. "I love what I do and I love R&B music. These artists create music that speaks to that."

Currently on tour in supporting Kaleidoscope Dream, a lone Canadian date sees Miguel play Toronto December 11. Toronto R&B fans had better get ready, he notes.

"I can't wait on that," he says of the upcoming Toronto date. "You have never seen a live show like mine. And I say that as with ambition and I say it humbly. But I say it with conviction because I know where I'm coming from and I know my band, my performance... and the dynamic of the show. I think the juxtaposition of all of these things make it a very unique experience.

"I'll be honest: people leave my shows really understanding the kind of artist that I am and the one that I'm intent on becoming. It will be unforgettable – my favourite shows are where it feels like something is shared between audience and the band and I. [It's] something personal and I pride myself on that."

You can see all Miguel's shows over here.