Miguel "Coffee (Fucking)" (ft. Wale)

Miguel 'Coffee (Fucking)' (ft. Wale)
Last fall, Miguel released a song called "Coffee" on his nwa.hollywooddreams.coffee, and it didn't take more than a cursory listen to realize the guy was singing about a different kind of a.m. delight than a freshly French-pressed cup of Sumatran gold. To make things even clearer, he's now asked Wale to hop on the cut, and re-dubbed it "Coffee (Fucking)."

As before, the song is built upon a silken bed of synth-bass and percolated percussive tones, and finds Mig waxing on pillow talk, Polaroid sessions and more. They're no longer just having coffee in the morning, though, as the non-radio friendly revamp expresses in the chorus.

Wale, meanwhile, is buzzing in the newly added rap verse, in which he throws out a litany of caffeinated double entendres about the taste of a different kind of macchiato, letting his scone "soak in her bean," and about himself not being your regular cup of Joe.

You can get a smooth taste of Miguel's re-modeled single down below. An LP titled Wildheart is expected to be released this summer.