Migos "Hanna Montana" (Twerk remix video)

Migos 'Hanna Montana' (Twerk remix video)
Though Christmas is still a few weeks away, contemporary rap faves Migos are giving fans of triplet-heavy hip-hop a little gift ahead of time via a seasonally appropriate new video for their "Hanna Montana" remix.

Ahead of the cheek-clapping trap track, a different trio are seen carolling through the streets mashing "Hanna Montana" with the festive fa-la-las of "Deck the Halls." Once the ladies turn it over to Migos, though, the party gets thrown into a subterranean hang-out full of cars and low-ends jiggling harder than a bowl full of jelly.

You can catch the celebration down below.

As for the group's other pre-holiday treat, YRN2 is expected to land tomorrow (December 10).