Migos "Fly Wit a Fish"

Migos 'Fly Wit a Fish'
On new tune "Fly Wit a Fish," feted Atlanta chanters Migos are technically moving on from their breakthrough Young Rich Niggas mixtape. That said, the triplet-spat trap tune is basically more of the same.

On top of the sporadic bursts of gunfire, the track also gets spiked with DJ tags, being that it will appear on DJ Spinatik's forthcoming Bet Hip Hop Awards Weekend Special Mixtape. As for the raps, we get the Migos guys blurting out bars about trappin' on the block, hitting you with a hundred rounds, sucking on a Jolly Rancher, and stealing your girlfriend. Obviously, the hook mainly consists of them repeating the song title over and over again ("I fly wit a fish / I fly wit a fish / I fly wit a fly wit a fish").

It's unclear exactly when the rest of the tape will arrive, but you can sample Migos's new track down below.