Mightykat/Various Confidence

In the first hours after midnight an almost magical sheen hangs over a really good underground event that is only good for an hour or so and Confidence captures the essence of that magic. Mightykat is Dominique Thibault, a Montreal-based DJ with a knack for blending blissful, dubby house with more quirky and kinetic tech house sets. Mightykat opens the set with Deadbeat's "Cesium Beam," which sets a steady pace for the set to go deep with Salz 2000's "2-B," where a dreamy dub state is retained until Gamma 3000's "Feeling Love." At this point Confidence asserts high energy and complex rhythmic structures, as expressed by Dimbiman's "Do the Dimbi" and Twerk's "Cosmiques Deleria." The coup de grace is administered when Mightykat administers DJ Champion's "Holer" to end the set on a frenetic note guaranteed to move anyone, standing or stationary. The track selection is inspired and the blending on this recording is seamless, proving that Thibault has the art of juxtaposition down. (Haute Couture)