A Mighty Wind Revue Town Hall, New York NY - September 21, 2003

After the tribute concert to Irving Steinbloom (and the documentary of the event), a full-fledged reunion tour couldn't be far behind. Thankfully, it didn't take long to arrive. The entire cast of A Mighty Wind reunited at the Town Hall as part of the New Yorker Festival, to the delight of a packed house. Jonathon Steinbloom again acted as master of ceremonies, pointing out the dangers on stage and the hardworking curtain pullers backstage, in between musical acts. Publicist Jennifer Coolidge joined him, telling stories of a banjo-playing uncle and her love of apples. The New Mainstreet Singers, folk music's only neuftet, took the stage first. Terry Bohner kept the energy high, introducing each song with a bit of homespun wisdom, "I don't know what you folks like to do in the big city, in New York City, on a Saturday night but we like to curl up around a big bowl of popcorn and sing sea shanties." Young Sissy Houston even hopped down from her stool to dance a jig. The Folksmen had the entire hall singing along with such showstoppers as "Eat at Joe's" and "A Barnyard Symphony." A new number (a song about change according to Marta/Harry — "One grows on a cob, the other on a vine/if only they could come together/corn wine") is sure to be a classic. Mitch and Mickey kissed not once but twice for the finale of "Kiss at the End of the Rainbow" and the crowd went wild. Their songs are so sweet and melancholic — even Mickey's "Sureflo" is touching. Although Mitch often seemed confused (guitar feedback threw him for a loop or two), he never lost his place when it came time for perfect harmony. The entire Revue returned to the stage for the rousing finale of "A Mighty Wind is Blowing." A truly marvellous evening! The wind is "blowin' you and me," indeed!