Migala Restos De Un Incendio

An album of mournful dirge-like tunes with guitar and organs by this Spanish septet whose music is not unlike that of Godspeed You Black Emperor! in their more melodic moments, only Migala features gloomy vocals. It seems that both bands owe much of their sounds to the spaghetti western soundtrack style of Ennio Morricone. Listening to the music on Restos De Un Incendio may inspire visions of a lone cowboy riding a horse across a tumbleweed littered desert. If you like sombre, bleak music with a strong guitar twang and the word "disaster" used on more than one song, to the point where it seems to be the vocalists favourite word, look no further. The last track on this CD, "Instrucciones Para Dar Cuerda A Un Reloj," has a prolonged sample of a monologue in Spanish from a film, and when coupled with the sad music, a strong emotional impact is created. (Acuarela)