The Midwestern Charm "With a Lime" (video)

The Midwestern Charm "With a Lime" (video)
Milwaukee trio the Midwestern Charm dropped their debut album Growing Pains earlier this year, and they're keeping the momentum going with some new visuals for album cut "With a Lime" — and Exclaim! has got the exclusive premiere.
The track showcases the band's straightforward and instantly likable approach to delivering high-energy, kinda lo-fi power pop, but the video is a much more elaborate affair.
It opens with a scene between a nagging mother and her slacker son, who escapes his suburban home prison, gets brainwashed by a mind-controlling killer be and hits the town to make his way to a concert. Along the way, things take a dark turn with imaginary machine guns getting fired and garbage being eaten before our protagonist finally arrives at a Midwestern Charm house show.
Things get even wilder once the band starts to play. Watch all the crazy action go down in the clip for "With a Lime" in the player below.
Growing Pains is out now on Texas Is Funny.