The Micronite Filters Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for 'Wizard Blood' LP

The Micronite Filters Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for 'Wizard Blood' LP
Blues-infused, dance-friendly rock'n'rollers the Micronite Filters have a new album worth of material but are seeking help to release it as a special vinyl pressing.

The Ontario-based band have launched a Kickstarter campaign, asking for $4,500 to record and press their new record Wizard Blood on "super psychedelic swirly red vinyl."

The band previously travelled to Mississippi to record Chasing Ghosts and although they've returned north of the border, their music has absorbed some of that southern soul they encountered.

After tightening their sound with weekly gigs at Oshawa's the Atria, the group headed to a cabin in the woods where the new material was conceived. As the Kickstarter page explains it, "Over the span of a weekend, and a couple extra days, the musical group known as the Micronite Filters jammed, relaxed, drank whiskey, jammed some more, had a few fires, slept quite a bit, drank moonshine, and in the end emerged with a collection of recorded songs and titled it Wizard Blood."

The results is a collection of songs that "effortlessly combines the band's hard driving motor city roots and southern fried home cooking into a 40-minute album that will make you dance and bring you to tears."

It was mixed and mastered by local producers the Bent Brothers and is ready to be pressed at Get Bent Records in Oshawa — once the funds are raised. The crowdfunding campaign is on until December 21 with a "Wizard Blood Drive" set to take place on the final weekend. The band are also slated to perform at Cherry Cola's in Toronto on December 6.

You can check out the video for new tune "Breadcrumbs" below, and if you like what you hear, head over here to donate and help the Micronite Filters meet their goal.