Mickey Moonlight Announces Debut Ed Banger LP, Gets Twin Shadow to Guest

Mickey Moonlight Announces Debut Ed Banger LP, Gets Twin Shadow to Guest
Following some remix work for Justice and a recently released EP, UK artist Mickey Moonlight has announced he is ready to release his full-length debut, The Time Axis Manipulation Corporation.

According to a press sheet, the 16-song set, which Ed Banger will issue digitally November 28 and in stores December 6, is poised to promote Moonlight's self-described "science-fiction exotica."

The record allegedly jumps form disco to folk to psych-pop and features guest vocalist George Lewis Jr. of Twin Shadow stopping by for a pair of tunes. You can check out a sample of their Euro-club-inspired collaboration "Close to Everything," which was also released earlier this month on an EP of the same name, below. Brazilian singer Marina Gasolina also pops up on a number called "We'll Meet Again."

Lyrically, the album is said to be just as diverse, focusing on "biotech companies, artificial lovers, voluntary euthanasia, cosmic ambivalence," among other things. You can check out the tracklisting below and the cover above.

The Time Axis Manipulation Corporation:

1. "Welcome Aboard"
2. "Interplanetary Music"
3. "This Son is Coming Up" (ft. George Lewis Jr.)
4. "Pelu Tolo" (Dub)
5. "Close To Everything" (ft. George Lewis Jr.)
6. "Changalaxy"
7. "A Big Ship Passing"
8. "Music for Responsible Reprogenetics Public Service Broadcast"
9. "We'll Meet Again" (ft. Marina Gasolina)
10. "Music for Love Drone Advert"
11. "Simulation Crocodile Skin Handbag"
12. "The Curse of Greyface"
13. "Diamonds in the Mind of Talula"
14. "Anywhere"
15. "Buckaroo Banzai"
16. "Come On Humans!"