Mick Karn's Passing, HorrorPops vs. Barbie and Kanye's Watch the Throne Lead This Week's News Roundup

Mick Karn's Passing, HorrorPops vs. Barbie and Kanye's <i>Watch the Throne</i> Lead This Week's News Roundup
Well, here we are, wrapping up the first week of 2011. Feeling a bit overwhelmed after all that vacation time? Well, if you are, you may want to check Exclaim!'s news roundup to help get your head back on straight, because as always we have gathered the week's top stories in one convenient post.

First off, it was a rough week for obits. Not only did "Baker Street" singer-songwriter Gerry Rafferty die, but so did new romantic icon Mick Karn (pictured), who played in such bands as Japan and Dali's Car, as well as with Gary Numan and Kate Bush, not to mention brought the fretless bass into the forefront of modern pop music.

On a lighter note, there was also a whole lot of Kanye yet again. This week we received several conflicting reports about Mr. West's upcoming joint effort with Jay-Z, dubbed Watch the Throne (see here and here), with the latest update announcing the lead single but casting even more doubt on Watch the Throne's actual release date. And to put a little ice on that cake, Ye is being sued for allegedly assaulting a photographer.

Then we had HorrorPops singer Patricia Day hitting Mattel with a lawsuit over the company's "Hard Rock Barbie," Notorious B.I.G.'s murder case getting "reinvigorated," Chuck D speaking out against hip-hop and Swollen Members' Mad Child getting banned from the U.S.

Also, if you've been wondering where Dan Deacon is at with his new album, you may want to read this, as the electro-pop weirdo gave us an update on the new LP, as well as the scoop on a new project with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony and a possible EP series.

To wrap things up, TV on the Radio's David Sitek has joined Jane's Addiction. Yes, we're as confused as you are as to when Jane's suddenly became cool again.