Mick Jagger's SuperHeavy Set Release Date for Debut Album

Mick Jagger's SuperHeavy Set Release Date for Debut Album
Early this year, Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger announced that he would be taking some time off from Keef and co. to record with his new supergroup, SuperHeavy. It looks as if the new band's studio time has paid off, as they've announced their debut disc.

SuperHeavy's as-yet-untitled album is due out September 20, with the band planning to tour sometime in 2012.

When the group (which also include Eurythmics founder Dave Stewart, reggae star Damian Marley, soul singer Joss Stone and film composer A.R. Rahman) got together for a ten-day studio session, they produced an astounding 29 songs, the band revealed at a recent press conference in Los Angeles [via Billboard]. Apparently, much of the music was created while jamming, with some tracks hovering around the one-hour mark. At the end of the sessions, SuperHeavy had some 35 hours of music to sift through to find the kernels of what became the final album.

"It's not my usual sort of way of working. You always want to leave some room for improvisation, but you need to have something, some songs, when you walk into the studio," Jagger told reporters. "It evolved very quickly. We sat around with our little pads [writing]. We did do a lot of jams, but it's all coherent and arranged. We just wrote them quickly."

While a proper tracklisting has yet to be unveiled, SuperHeavy's first single will be the reggae-tinged "Miracle Worker." Other songs are said to blend Indian film music with soul, pop and rock'n'roll, which, when you look at the group's lineup, is exactly what you would expect.

You can check out a dizzying teaser of backwards-tracked tunes and a snippet of "Miracle Worker" below.