Michelle McAdorey Into Her Future

Michelle McAdoreyInto Her Future
With a voice reminiscent of Feist and, at times, Sinead O'Connor, coupled with a delicate, country-esque backing band, Michelle McAdorey is back after more than ten years out of the spotlight with her dreamy and road-tripping release, Into her Future. A long-time member of the '90s band Crash Vegas, and with two previous solo records to her name (the last being 2003's Love Don't Change), McAdorey not only took her time between releases, but also took two and a half years to record Into the Future, with help from collaborator and friend Greg Keelor (of Blue Rodeo).

Starting with the title track, McAdorey weaves a slow-building tapestry of sound with her lone voice and acoustic guitar, adding some soft drums and electric guitar as it progresses. Things get more rocking on the second track, "Disappearing Things," a reference to the destruction of the oil sands ("Let's not keep it too clean… disappearing things"). Other standouts include "Culvert Jack," a story-song where those Feist vocals really shine through, and "Leave the Main Road," a bit of a country throwback tune perfect for a road trip off the beaten track.
Overall, the album has a bit of wintery, reverb feel, just in time for those upcoming dark days and nights. But for McAdorey, it's definitely more of a spring — a re-awakening after a decade under the radar. (DWR)