Michael Yonkers Band Microminitaure Love

Michael Yonkers is a freaky Minneapolis-based musician who makes his own guitars and effect pedals, who recorded this album back in 1968. The album was recorded for release on Sire Records back then, but it never saw the light of day until it was re-released a year ago on a local Minneapolis label in a limited vinyl pressing. Now Sub Pop is bringing it to the people, and if you like quirky minimalist rock in the vein of the Electric Eels, Roky Erikson and Pere Ubu, you’re going to love this. Michael has a creepy trill to his voice that suggests a mood of horror, especially when combined with the crazy delay-ridden primitive psych-outs like "Boy in the Sandbox,” which could almost be an outtake from the Cramps’ Psychedelic Jungle sessions. This re-release would actually make a good companion piece with Hamilton’s proto-electro punks Simply Saucer’s Cyborgs Revisited, as they’re both pieces of almost forgotten music that were ahead of their time. In addition to the original seven songs from the original album, we get another six bonus tracks recorded around the same time as the main material. (Sub Pop)