Michael Stipe's New Gig: Reviewing Restaurants for Gwyneth Paltrow

Michael Stipe's New Gig: Reviewing Restaurants for Gwyneth Paltrow
As previously reported, R.E.M. have been busy as of late, working on their fifteenth LP in a variety of studios including one in New Orleans, LA. During those sessions, frontman Michael Stipe took some time out of his recording schedule to take on a new project: reviewing restaurants for Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP newsletter.

This puzzling piece of news comes from
ClashMusic, which reports that Stipe wrote a piece about New Orleans's restaurants for the weekly culture newsletter. According to his review, R.E.M. spent much of their recent stint in the Big Easy rubbing shoulders with celebrities at a cajun restaurant called Cochon.

"The food, service, drinks, and freshness are unparalleled," Stipe wrote. "Cochon was, in my short stay there, the gathering place for Alex Chilton; Ana Matronix [sic] from Scissor Sisters; Nicolas Cage, Eddie Vedder, Tim Robbins; Mario Batali, Dermot Mulroney, Parker Posey, various local and international writers, and of course, [R.E.M. guitarist] Peter Buck."

Of her latest critic, Paltrow wrote, "Aside from being the frontman in one of the most innovative and brilliant bands of all time, R.E.M., Michael is an obsessed foodie like the rest of us here at Goop."

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