Michael Imperial 'Field Trip Discovery Series IV DJ Mix'

Michael Imperial 'Field Trip Discovery Series IV DJ Mix'
As the Scion Sessions and Arts & Crafts continue with their Field Trip Discovery Series, the Scion Sessions have shared a new DJ mix from Michael Imperial of the local label Rare Beef.

Clocking in at 48 minutes, and announcement calls this an "end-to-end burner" that touches on house, club, techno and UK bass.

Imperial said in a statement, "I wanted to capture the intensity and energy of a 1 a.m. DJ slot, as well as showcase music from Canadian electronic labels. Shout out to: Turbo, Main Course and obviously Rare Beef. The CRTC would be proud."

The tracklist can be seen on SoundCloud.

Imperial is part of the upcoming Field Trip Discovery Series IV show, which takes place at Tattoo in Toronto on August 28. Also on the bill are Beta Frontiers, Waxlimbs, Imposter(s) and Deebs.