Michael Fakesch Marion

Michael Fakesch is one half of Funkstorung — best known for remixes of Wu-Tang Clan and Björk. Fakesch’s beats are deeply ingrained with tuned metallic skronk of highly fed-back delay. There is a definite similarity to Luke Vibert, both in terms of the unusual beat expansions and the timbres of FM-synthesis chimes and bells. In Fakesch’s hands, the fed-back delay reaches new heights, acting as compression on kicks and snare or as a tonal element to harmonise with voices and scattered digitalia. Marion is unabashedly digital  everything sounds created on synths from 1984. There are no filter sweeps here. The beats are drier than hell, with splashes of reverb appearing only for dub effects; the rhythm programming literally gives up the funk. Patterns don’t always resolve with Kruder & Dorfmeister dexterity. Phrases will be given an added stutter and a quick reverse, just to keep you on your toes. Like the aforementioned Vibert, Fakesch will draw you into his own sonic world where he uses a minimum of toys to maximum effect. Even if Marion is too cerebral for your tastes, Michael Fakesch deserves credit for pushing limits in d&b. (Studio !K7)