Michael Eric Dyson Editing Book On Nas' Illmatic

Michael Eric Dyson Editing Book On Nas' <i>Illmatic</i>
To this day, Nas’s Illmatic remains one of the most untouchable, universally loved hip-hop records of all time. And while everything Nas has done since then has been in the shadow of his 1994 debut, the record has maintained its freshness over the years. As such, it’s only logical that it be analyzed in book form with the release of Born to Use Mics: Reading Nas' Illmatic, due early next year from Basic Civitas Books.

Edited by renowned scholar, professor and Baptist minister Michael Eric Dyson (who has written many books on race and culture), the book features contributions from Dyson, alongside scholars like Sohail Daulatzai, Adilifu Nama, Guthrie P. Ramsey Jr., James Peterson, Marc Lamont Hill, Mark Anthony Neal, Kyra Gaunt, Eddie S. Glaude Jr., and Imani Perry, among others.

To see Dyson wax verbiage on Nas, hip-hop, the U.S. election and much more watch the below video.

Michael Eric Dyson speaks on Nas