Miasis In And Out Of Weeks

There has been a lot of talk about Miasis because the debut three-track EP from these instrumental Chicago mashers features Coalesce’s Sean Ingram on guest vocals. As opener "001” kicks off, it’s a smooth coupling, as Miasis ply the same type of sludgy, dark, repetitive but unorthodox noise that Coalesce revolutionised. "002” is a less metal, vocal-less endeavour, devoid of the drudge with acoustic guitars among the noise and a hopeful disposition. The closing track, "003” (sense a theme?), returns to the dense turmoil, again with Ingram spitting his patented trachea-punctured bile while the band grinds on relentlessly. Plus there are photos, a live vocal-less clip for "001” and some desktops to bulk up the package. Sometimes suffering from an incredibly muddy production, their undeniable resemblance to Coalesce (obviously) and the overall shortness of the disc, Miasis have potential but without a vocalist they’ll find it a tough go in the underground. (Undecided)