Miami Horror

All Possible Futures

Miami HorrorAll Possible Futures
All Possible Futures is a sublime dive into a retro-futuristic world filled with Melbourne-based band Miami Horror's effervescent synths and tightly woven beats. All Possible Futures, a lengthy15-track studio album, leads the listener though a cinematic voyage of relationship ups and downs and sunlit daydreams. The danceable rhythms and sunny '80s influence of their breakout LP, Illumination, are complemented by an added dose of funk flavour.

"Love Like Mine" features Cleopold and L.A.'s Gavin Turek's vocals paired with a Michael Jackson-inspired synth jam, while opening track "American Dream" is perfect for contemplating fame and fortune on a drive down Sunset Boulevard. Final track "Forever Ever" loops back seamlessly into "American Dream," suggesting that Miami Horror never want you to leave the sun-drenched sonic environment they crafted. Fans of Empire of the Sun and Cut Copy will find equal enjoyment in this bright and breezy electro-pop concoction. (Haven Sounds)
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