Mia Sheard Reptilian

There is an incredibly long list of under-appreciated Canadian musicians, people who make amazing music that falls upon far too few ears and as a result they just disappear into the background, never to be heard from again. Reptilian is the second album from Toronto's Mia Sheard, and it has just been re-released after a relatively low-key appearance last year. The ten tracks don't really cover a whole lot of ground - lots of angst and melancholy, but that doesn't always make for the most interesting songs. There is something incredibly emotionless about her delivery that makes the music less engaging than it should be - it sounds very pretty with some elaborate arrangements (that include strings from time to time), yet her detachment from the material seems almost calculated. There's no denying that Mia Sheard is a talented musician and you get the feeling that if she got the right kind of exposure then she could become of the next big things, in Canada at least. Unfortunately that kind of thing never seems to happen to the right people, so there's a good chance she'll remain just another under-appreciated Canadian musician. (Missing In Action)