M.I.A. Considers Giving Up Retirement

M.I.A. Considers Giving Up Retirement
Just months after M.I.A. announced her "retirement” at Bonnaroo, she’s already hinting at coming out of it. "Well, it was my last ever show. And it still is,” the singer recently told Entertainment Weekly, but she soon added there’s still a chance she will make another record.

"I stopped touring after that and I didn’t want to make music again. I was quite happy to just leave it all behind. I was happy with what I had achieved,” she said. "Now, with the success of ‘Paper Planes,’ there’s pull for me to make another record. Even my mom believes in me more. It’s a nice encouragement. But I was planning my life as a fishing woman on the outskirts of Cambodia. That’s a joke.”

The "success of ‘Paper Planes’” she’s talking about is the unexpected chart boost the Kala track received after being featured in the Pineapple Express film trailer.

Okay, M.I.A. doesn’t directly say she is going to make more music but at least she’s now taking an optimistic tone about the possibility.

M.I.A. "Paper Planes”