M.I.A. & Blaqstarr "Way Down In A Hole" (The Wire theme song)

M.I.A. & Blaqstarr "Way Down In A Hole" (<i>The Wire</i> theme song)
The election that will change the world may be over but the celebrating has just begun. M.I.A. found the promise of Obama's presidency inspiring enough to post a new video yesterday on her MySpace blog. Along with her B-more buddy, producer Blaqstarr, the very pregnant MC posted a message that reads:

Me and Blaqstarr found the image at the end from a Joy Division video and thought about the election and that's how people want you to see the world , black/ white , good/ evil, jesus/devil for you the words are Obama vs Mc Cain for me its terror vs genocide simple maths so we put it on at the end to show how far we've gone and how far we've come, i have to start staying at home more because i dont think i can fit through my front door anymore but i want this to do the traveling for me.

good luck! go vote! i cant , but im glad im witnessing history in the making either way .......... m.i.a>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> THANK FUCK THE FUTURES HERE!

So how exactly do they show their excitement? Well, when in Baltimore, cover the theme song of the city's defining television series, The Wire. And why the hell not? Everyone else has done it. Besides Tom Waits, who wrote the song and whose version they used in season one. The song has been tackled by the Blind Boys of Alabama, DoMaJe, Steve Earle and five unknown teens. Considering the show's now toast, it looks like M.I.A. and her producer missed out but it's amusing to hear how they spin the song.

Sticking with the bass-humping, B-more club beat, Blaqstarr actually picks up the mic to drop some verses and shit, his weary drawl is just the cadence to take on Waits's strung out piece. M.I.A. also sounds like she downed some sizzurp before her bits but the down-low approach is pretty much the only way to do this cut, I suppose.

And how about that Joy Division still at the end? A nice touch that sums up the impact of America's future.

Tom Waits "Way Down In A Hole"