Mi Ami Prep New Dolphins Twelve-Inch

Mi Ami Prep New <i>Dolphins</i> Twelve-Inch
Since releasing their debut album in 2009, San Francisco's Mi Ami have been an untouchable force with their open-ended take on tribal, fuzzed-out post-punk, hitting an early career high with their 2010 sophomore effort Steal Your Face. Following that release, bassist Jacob Long departed from the group, leaving Damon Palermo and Daniel Martin-McCormick to reinvent themselves once again.

 That new sound has emerged on Dolphins, the duo's new four-song twelve-inch. According to a press release, the band's signature dance-punk squall has been replaced with "an unrelenting electronic vibrancy" as Palermo has ditched his drum kit for a 707 drum machine and a sampler that uses floppy disks, while Martin-McCormick is on keys and vocals.

 The press release goes on to describe Dolphins as "a melting, dystopian refraction of left-field new age, lush soundscapes and Italo daydreams" and "equal parts improvisatory winging it and forceful, fully-realized vision."

Thrill Jockey will release the twelve-inch on March 15, and while the label doesn't specify the pressing details, it warns that it will be a "strictly limited release."


 1. "Hard Up"
2. "Dolphins"
3. "Sunrise"
4. "Echo"