MGMT Settle Lawsuit With French President

MGMT Settle Lawsuit With French President
As we reported back in February, glam pop gods MGMT got in quite the hubbub with French president Nicolas Sarkozy when they found out he had been using their song "Kids" in campaign ads without their permission.

Understandably, the duo pursued their legal options and decided to take action. It seems as though the decision paid off, and the band have decided to donate their legal windfall to various artists' rights associations. In a post on their Myspace blog, the band wrote:

"About two months ago it was brought to our attention (through the MGMT message board) that the UMP French political party was using our song 'Kids' at rallies and posting videos of these rallies on their official website. Normally MGMT steer clear of mixing music and politics but the fact that the UMP used our song without permission while simultaneously pushing anti-piracy legislation seemed a little whack.

"We believe that access to music benefits both the musicians and the fans, and has undoubtedly helped spread our music around the globe while also expanding our personal musical collections. We didn't want to be "typical Americans" and sue, despite the amazing monetary benefit and chinchilla coats and Navigators it would bring. Instead we're using the settlement fee the UMP presented and donating it to artists' rights organizations. Thank you, France, for the wonderful food. C'est bon.

Now the band can hopefully free up some time to finish their follow-up to Oracular Spectacular, which apparently will not be produced by the Chemical Brothers.