MGMT Considering Legal Action Against French President Sarkozy

MGMT Considering Legal Action Against French President Sarkozy
Well, it turns out MGMT have quite the legal beef with French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Apparently, the psych pop duo are accusing the leader's Union for a Popular Movement party of using their track "Kids" without the band's permission, a move that has led MGMT's legal team to threaten to sue if their demands for compensation aren't met.

According to Agence France-Presse, Sarkozy's UMP party used the track at its national congress and in two online videos. The party admitted to using it but said it was a mistake, offering to pay MGMT one euro (about $1.50 CDN) as a symbolic gesture. Needless to say, the band weren't too pumped on this "settlement" and their lawyer Isabelle Wekstein rejected the offer, telling AFP it was "insulting."

"This offer is disrespectful of the rights of artists and authors. It is insulting," she said. "We are dealing with acts of counterfeiting, an infringement of intellectual property."

Wekstein added that the party had paid a standard 53 euro fee ($84 CDN) to the French music licensing body, SACEM, but said that did not cover subsequent uses of the track, particularly online.

To inject a little irony into the whole thing, the copyright battle comes just a week before French parliament begins to examine a new UMP-championed law that pushes for tougher penalties for online piracy and illegal filesharing.

"It seems that those who led the charge against internet users are not the most respectful of copyright," said Wekstein.