MGMT Daytrotter Session

MGMT <i>Daytrotter Session</i>
Last year was a transitional one for MGMT. While the outfit initially made it big with weirdo electro-pop debut Orcacular Spectacular, 2010's psych-rock follow-up, Congratulations, repelled many of their fans. Over here at Exclaim!, we deemed the disc one of last year's biggest disappointments.

If you are a fan of MGMT's current fixation with sunny surf music and later period Zombies worship, then you're going to get a kick out of the troupe's recent Daytrotter Session.

Giddy stripped-down live takes of "Song for Dan Treacy" and "It's Working" shine all the brighter, while MGMT's take on '80s act Cleaners From Venus's "Only a Shadow" is suitably soaked in the watery reverb effects of the decade of excess.

You can download the Daytrotter Session here.