MF Doom MM.Food?

Originally released a couple of years ago, this great little record by MF Doom seemed to get lost in the shuffle and even though it received some much deserved attention, it didn’t catapult Doom forward, even though he was fresh off his Madvillian victory. Metalface’s beats are choppy and weird but as usual, always compelling, with Doom crushing together comic book capers, J.J. Fad and ’80s funk to create superhero snaps. Madlib and Count Bass D also lend a hand, with the latter jumping on the mic for "Potholderz,” one of the highlights. Doom goes a little heavy on the skits, similar to his style on Black Bastards, which can be a little tedious for listeners when four are strung together in the middle of the record. Still, the album is identical to the original release and sounds just as fresh today as it did back then, though the Sesame Street-laced "Kookies” is now replaced by a less interesting beat, with Cookie Monster and that sick closing credits break erased, which is a shame. The re-release also comes with a pretty good live DVD from the Food Drive tour, a sticker and poster. Doom always comes correct with the goodies. (Rhymesayers)