mewithoutYou Pale Horses

mewithoutYouPale Horses
On their latest release, Pale Horses, Philadelphia natives mewithoutYou have compiled a collection of songs that highlight and showcase all of the sounds they've experimented with on previous releases, creating a varied and dynamic piece. Ranging from moments of gritty, driving post-hardcore found on "Red Cow" to delicate, twinkling breaks in "Birnam Wood," mewithoutYou utilize stylistic shifts, often mid-song, to keep listeners on their toes from start to finish.
Aaron Weiss' signature vocal style and lyricism are what gives this album momentum in many places, often transitioning between spoken-word style verses and emphatic, subtly harmonized clean vocals. Weiss occasionally drops into a half-scream to accentuate the more forceful sections found on songs like "Watermelon Ascot" and "Mexican War Streets," making the symbolism and vibrant, extravagant imagery painted by his lyrics that much more compelling. Pale Horses compiles all of the strengths of mewithoutYou into a gorgeous, dense package that remains engaging throughout. (Run For Cover)