Mevadio Fresh Kill Daily

Denmark’s Mevadio describe themselves as "somewhere between the Cult and Slayer,” a description that should be of immediate interest to metal fans looking for something a little bit different. Although most bands don’t live up to their own stylistic descriptions, Mevadio are surprisingly accurate with theirs. Certainly far more Slayer than Cult, Fresh Kill Daily is an interesting selection of catchy, dare I say, "pop” metal tunes that should get a few toes a-tappin’. Sonically, you can take bits of Swedish death metal acts such as Darkane to explain the heavier parts. There are also portions that sound similar in melody and guitar tone to Edge of Sanity. Added atop the quality screams are smatterings of cleaner vocals that sound a bit like Devin Townsend but more importantly, most of the time sound proper and relevant in the overall sound. When it all comes together, it’s not a must-hear album but it is still a refreshing change from the lexicon of modern metal. (Mighty)